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17th November 2017:

We are now our Christmas Vouchers i. These start from just £22.00 for a 2 hour clean using your equipment or £25.00 and we can supply everything needed to carry out a fantastic GLEAM of your home.

Call the office on 01952 952115 to purchase your Christmas gift voucher

This is just the start for us:

Update: 25th November 2016:
This week has been amazing. we have been busy promoting the branding of the business and we have been very lucky again and had a new client join us. 
James and myself (Anna) have worked so hard this week promoting the business, we have added some new bits to our web site, joined Twitter and promoted our business on Facebook and google. 

We will be looking at some promotion's for the new year so watch this space and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


Updated: 2nd December 2016:
Hi all and thanks for reading this weeks news. We have again had a great week and Anna has been busy visiting new customers and bringing them onboard with the business.

We are so pleased to be able to say we have now taken on our first member of staff. Victoria Bailey has joined Gleaming Services working with Anna and on new contracts and we have big plans for Victoria to grow with the business. She is a valued member of our small team and its so nice to have a new face working with us and our customers who have already met Victoria have given us such great feedback so welcome onboard Victoria.

We have some great news coming in the next week or so so please keep visiting to find out more !!!

Updated: 2nd January 2016:
Well its been a while now since the last update. We have been so busy here at Gleaming service's working with new customers and making sure everyone has a "gleaming" home for Christmas and new year.

It now 2017 and we have some amazing and exciting plans for this year. The cleaning and ironing business is growing by the day, We are on the best of Telford and the ironing is also doing really well. We are currently able to collect and deliver back on the same day in most cases. We have two new members of the team dedicated to ironing and they just love it so lets keep it coming in. 

We have now purchased a carpet cleaning machine which is currently being tried out to ensure the best service when we launch this later service later in January. 

So all in all its been a great finish to 2016 and we are so excited about the start to 2017. 
We will be running some competitions in January on Facebook and will be putting a few new offer on our website so make sure you look out for them and also add " gleaming services" to your friends list on Facebook.

Updated: 16th January 2017
Hi all, We have had a very busy start to the year with both our cleaning and Ironing service. We are currently training and working on the launch of our new service, carpet cleaning. We hope to have that up and running late January/early February.
We are pleased to introduce a new member of staff to our fast growing, cleaning team. Michelle is  a great asset to the team, who works really hard and has, great attention to detail. We have already had great feedback on her performance and how lovely she is.
keep spreading the news and add us to Facebook!!

Update: 31st January 2017
Hi again. Only the little gleaming service angles here. We have been very busy taking new contracts and new customers on a weekly basis. Best we have so far is three new customers in a week so we are really pleased about that. 
Our customer base is growing and we have more people looking to free the time they have away from work by having the Gleaming team in while they are at work. There is nothing like coming home after a busy week to find all your ironing done and your home all clean and sparkly. 
We have had new reviews on the best of telford which we are super happy and grateful for so thank you to the customers who have reviewed us and made us feel great.
Don't forget, If you want to see if we can help you, get in touch. Send us an email or give us a call. We are sure you will love what we offer.  so don't be shy, give Gleaming Services a try !!!

Update: 11th February 2017
Well, We have blown our target again and the business is growing faster that we expected. We have again taken on three new customers in the last week and thats just fantastic. 
Were so proud that people are welcoming us into there homes to make them gleam while they are at work.
We have a fab little van that will be getting sign written in the next week so keep an eye out for that around Telford.
Keep looking for us on Facebook and Twitter as in March we will offer some new exciting offers and competitions.

Update: 18th February 2017
Its official. We have started the carpet cleaning side of the business now. We have today carried out our first Caravan carpet clean and they look amazing. You can see some pictures on our Facebook page and also twitter so have a look. We have taken another team member on today as the business is growing by the day and our customers are just loving what we do and that makes us all so happy. Have a look on thebestoftelfordandwrekin to see our reviews that our customers are leaving for us so thank you so much to everyone that is helping us get our dream.

Update: 23rd February 2017
Well we have received another 5 star rating on best of Telford which we are super excited about. We have carried out our first caravan carpet clean at the weekend and now we have our first carpet clean booked wth more people interested and emailing daily. 
We have got some more new customers come on board with us in the last week and the business is growing from strength to strength every day. If you need some help in your home give us a call and we can visit you to see what you require.

Update: 21st March 2017
Sorry for the lack of updates but we have been so so so busy. The carpet cleaning is going well (look at the pictures on front page of site). We have been expanding and have taken on another team member this week and we have lots of happy customers. Our reviews keep coming in and you can see them if you look on the best of telford, These reviews have been submitted by our customers and are indepdently verified so you can be sure that they are 100% reliable. We have now got our van up and running and is on the roads of Telford on a daily basis so keep your eyes open for it. We would like to say a big thank you to all of of customers and staff that is making this dream a reality. We are all working so hard to make sure our customers love what we are doing and keep recommending us. We have been carrying out lots of end of tenancy cleans as well so if your moving home and want a clean to make sure you get your deposit back, don't hesitate to call us. Again, Thank you to every one that has helped us get to this point.

Updated 28th March 2017
Its been a busy week again at Gleaming Services. We are having new enquiries daily and its great that people are sharing our fabulous name and endorsing our fantastic service. We have been busy on the end of tenancy cleans for both tenants and also landlords. We are busy on the carpet cleaning and have now been taking bookings into next week which is absolutely brilliant. 
Our weekly cleans are being booked up fast and we are so pleased to announce we have taken another team member on. Anna has been out today with Steph and is very excited that Steph has joined our business and is helping us to grow even further. Again, a massive thank you to all our staff and also our customers that have allowed our business to grow the way it has.

Update 5th April 2017:
What an amazing month we had in March. It proved to be the best month we have had so far since staring the business last year.

We have taken a new member of staff on and Anna is working very close to her, Steph is a great lady with a great personality and our customers love her so welcome to our little family Steph.

April has started well for the business as we have taken a couple of new regular customer on already and we have been very busy with the end of tenancy service we offer and also many one of cleans have come along.

We will continue to update the site and we will in the very near future being running a competition to win a free two hour clean so watch this space. Don't forget, if you see our van on the road please give us a little wave to say Hi......

29th May 2017:

Well, a lot has been going on here at Gleaming Services. We have got another new member of the cleaning team joined us and also we have had a new ironing/office created and have a full time member of staff working along side us.

The ironing shack is now officially open for business and we have been extremely busy in there carrying out ironing for our customers as we try our best to turn round these items in just 24 hours so call 01952 952115 to book your free collection.

Jenni has joined the cleaning team and is working really hard with all the other staff. 

Leah has joined us on a full time basis as our new Business Development Manager. Leah will be working very close with Anna and James to grow the business and look after new and existing customers. Leah will be out and about meeting our customers and will be will be working with the cleaning staff ensuring our high standards continue in your home and business.

James has also been busy with the end of tenancy cleans. We have been working very close to some of Telford leading letting agents to ensure all the properties they rent out are all fresh and clean for new tenant's when they move in.

18th July 2017:

Well it has been a busy few weeks here at Gleaming Services. We have been interviewing new people to join our Fantastic Team of Cleaners. That being said, we would also like to announce that Chloe has joined our Cleaning Team.
The  team have all been kitted out with NEW  "Gleaming Services" Bottles and Caddies ready for those 'Hot' summery days.

James is also really busy, meeting new clients in order to increase our End of Tenancy Cleans. While Leah our Business Development Manager is finding new ways to improve our service for you. Do I hear discounts?...

9th August 2017

August is looking extremely busy for us! Here at Gleaming Services we love our busy period, Gloves on,Tabard's on, Sleeves up and away we go! Nothing but hard work and dedication to make, you're homes GLEAMING. To help us during our busy period we have  recruited a new Cleaner and Ironing person. So a big welcome to the team Donna and Chris.
Let the Cleaning Commence...

26th October 2017

What a few months we have had. We are growing at a good steady pace and have now taken a new person on in the office. Sarah work Monday to Friday 10 - 4PM and we have now promoted Jenni to our Cleaning manager role and Jenni will be out spot checking our team of "Gleamer's" on a daily basis.

We have had some fantastic reviews from our customer's so thank you so much for those and please also check us out on "the best of Telford" where our customer's can also leave reviews for us.

back in September we also won a new job looking after holiday lets in the Gorge. This job has been going great so far and we are really pleased as this has also enabled us to employ two more "gleamers" to look after this work and also work with other new customer's so welcome to Carla and Sarah.